Teacher Training Course Information

Dates: May 31 to June 5, 2022

Registration fee $100, non-refundable: Course Fee $300

Title: Violin and Viola Teaching Strategies

Christie Felsing, instructor

Prerequisites: ECC, Violin/Viola Unit 1 Suzuki Violin Teacher Training must be registered with the SAA.

SAA active membership required

All participants will need to have their audition video approved for Books 1-4, following SAA audition requirements, prior to taking this course

Additional information about SAA membership and entrance requirements for Teacher Training units is available at the Suzuki Association of the Americas website: suzukiassociation.org.

Course Description:

The Violin/Viola Teaching Strategies course enables teachers to gain more practical teaching skills and provides input on effectiveness in the lesson environment. This ten-hour class includes hands-on Practicum-like activities: sharing of each participant’s home studio videos and onsite guided practice teaching of demo students. All participants are asked to bring video material from their home studio for in-class feedback from the Teacher Trainer, followed by discussion. An opportunity to apply the discussed suggestions will occur via the onsite demo lessons.  Whether new to teaching or a veteran, the course is beneficial to all, as we learn together!

To enroll, violin/viola participants must have taken ECC/Filosofia and Unit 1, and prepare to bring the following material:

  • 6-10 minute video clip of a private lesson at any book level the Teacher Workshop Participant has previously registered (not group class, see final bullet for options)
  • Student is working on the Suzuki repertoire, with teacher actively teaching (i.e. teacher is not just hearing a play-through of a piece).
  • Student is playing from memory.
  • Student and teacher should be in camera view, and parent should be present.
  • The above criteria should be met if at all possible.
  • Be sure to check the video in advance so that it is recorded properly and functions. Options: Google drive, Dropbox, unlisted Youtube link, etc.
  • Please also have a second video available to show, which could be a group class or a private lesson of a different student. Feel free to include clips of your preference, i.e. a segment you need assistance with, a segment you feel confident about, etc.

Instructor Bio

Christie Felsing

Violin, Viola Teacher/Teacher Trainer

Christie Felsing is Director of Teaching and Learning at the University of Hartford’s Hartt Community Division where she teaches violin in the Hartt Suzuki Program and leads the Suzuki graduate pedagogy courses. She has been active in the Suzuki Association of the Americas as a registered teacher trainer for many years, served on the SAA Board of Directors from 2004 to 2009, coordinated the 2010 SAA conference, and worked as a staff member from 2014 to 2016. Christie was assistant director at the Preucil School of Music in Iowa City, Iowa, for 17 years, and taught on its violin faculty from 1996 to 2014. In 2013, the Iowa String Teachers Association named her the Leopold LaFosse Studio Teacher of the Year. Christie received her Master of Music degree in Suzuki pedagogy with John Kendall at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and her Bachelor of Music degree with Vartan Manoogian and Marvin Rabin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition, she completed a nine-month Suzuki internship with Doris Preucil in Iowa, and her arts administration training (AMICI) with the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts.