Institute Schedule for Tuesday, May 28

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Parking on Campus

All visitors to campus will need to purchase permits to park in campus parking lots during regular business hours. Campus visitors can still park for free on weekends and after 5 p.m. on weekdays. Parking convenient for Suzuki Institute is available by short-term meter kiosk in the Eielson South lot and daily parking permits are available for parking in the Nenana and Taku lots. Permits are available for $5 a day or multiple days up to one week. Kiosks accept cash, coins and credit cards at the following locations: Nenana across from the Student Recreation Center and Taku parking lot off of Farmers Loop.

Shuttles are available from the Nenana and Taku parking lots. Regular decal lot locations are shown on the UAF campus map online at Gold reserved lots are excluded during the workday but are open for visitors after 5 p.m. and on weekends. Shuttle bus schedules are available at

Today’s Schedule

9:00 Teacher Traning Class Gruening 208

11:30 Chamber Music Coaching Sessions

  • Room M301: Alex Apicella, Else Mayo, Audrey Swank, Joshua Swank, Coach Alex Croxton.
  • Room M223: Rosy Kauffman, Sophie Henry, Fiona Secor, Cadence Tozier, Coach Carol Ourada.

12:30 Chamber Music Coaching Sessions

  • Room M217:  Clara Teller, Jonathan Swank, Dylan Candelaria, Cirdan Vonnahme, Coach Everett Goodwin
  • Room M301: Lex Zacheis, Asa Eduards, Kestrel Wigglesworth, Casey Lambries, Coach Alex Croxton
  • Room M223: Sean Raften, Forest Rodgers, Ani Merkel, Ian Carlson, Juanito Richards, Coach Carol Ourada
  • Room G207: Joseph Montalbano, Blaque Secor, Caleb Tolbert, John Haran-Delong, Coach Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Room G310: Noelle, Bertram, Owen Wooller, Hannah Weaver, Luke Buth, Bonnie Marriott, Sophia Benson, Coach Noelle Perrin
  • Room G308: Nicholas Buth, Matteo Kuigenza, Anna Westfall, Talven Wigglesworth, Coach Andrea Cannon

1:00 – 3:00 Pick up schedules in the Great Hall and locate classrooms

  • Students in Viola for Violinists sign out a viola in the Suzuki Office.
  • Please use this time to familiarize yourself with the location of the rooms which we are using this year.

2:00 Graduation Rehearsals

Students who are graduating this year go to these rooms for your rehearsal:

  • Violin and Viola will meet in room M217
  • Cellos will meet in room M301
  • Flutes will meet in room M223

3:00 Orientation and Faculty Introduction in the Davis Concert Hall

  • FSI Official T-shirt Picture for all students and faculty – outside the Great Hall on the steps of the Rasmussen Library facing the fountain.  Join us after the orientation for this historic moment with everyone together.

3:30 Play In

  • Violins: Twinkle to Andantino meet in room 301.
  • Violins: Etude to Book 6 meet in Concert Hall.
  • Flutes: All levels meet in room 223.
  • Cello and Viola:  All levels meet in 217.

4:30 Faculty Meeting in 217

5:30 Picnic at Pioneer Park Playground Shelter

A rain or shine picnic will be held today, May 28, at Pioneer Park. All students, families and teachers are invited to the picnic area closest to the main playground. Parent volunteers have been working hard to make this a delicious Potluck Picnic. Moose burgers, reindeer hotdogs, drinks, and picnic dinnerware will be provided. We ask our Suzuki families to bring picnic foods to share. Let’s treat our clinicians to a bountiful Alaska Picnic! Come and join in on some fun games put on by our parent volunteers.