Graduation recital is on Friday at 12:30 in the Davis Concert Hall.

The first Graduation rehearsal is Tuesday at 2:00; subsequent rehearsals are at 5:00. Graduation recital is on Friday at 12:30. After the recital, student recognition awards will be given and a reception will follow.

Specific instrument rehearsal times and rooms will be sent to registered students before the institute.

Suzuki Graduation is a very special event. Please discuss it with your private teacher and begin the preparation process early. Students may apply to graduate from a level when they are playing a full book beyond the piece for their graduation level.

To graduate from Level I, a student must be working in Book 3 at the time of the recording. All of Book 1 must be recorded and submitted in ONE SINGLE recording. You may NOT submit separate recordings for each piece. You may however pause your recording to take a break between pieces and resume. Graduating from Level 1 can seem like a daunting task for parents. Contact Audra Carlson at 907-699-4805 or with questions.

To graduate from levels II to X, students must be working at or beyond the level of the next graduation piece at the time the recording is made. Pieces submitted previously do not need to be recorded again, but levels may not be skipped. Please note that after Level I, only the listed piece needs to be recorded to graduate from subsequent levels. Prior to submission, your private lesson teacher needs to approve your recording.

The graduation application form can be downloaded at this link: Graduation Form. The application fee for graduation is $35 for each graduation level selected. The graduation recording(s) should be submitted online as outlined in the following paragraph.

As part of the graduation process, you must submit a YouTube video of the recording providing the link to the following email address: In the email, please provide the Student’s Name, Instrument, Graduation Level (NOT BOOK NUMBER), Piece and Composer. Please cc your private teacher so we can verify that your recording(s) have been approved prior to submittal. Graduation video performances are required to graduate and MUST be approved by your private teacher before submission. Piano accompaniment is required. The graduation application, fee and recording must be received by March 1st. No exceptions will be made.

Click here for graduation recording upload instructions
Click here to see the graduation pieces

The pianist listed below is available on a fee for service basis to assist you in the recording process as needed:

Accompanist: Jim Spontak, 907-388-8625;