Teacher Training Course Information

Dates: May 30 to June 4, 2017

Registration Fee $100, non-refundable; Course Fee $375
Title: Group Class Teaching Seminar for Cello and Violin
Christie Felsing and Carey Beth Hockett, Instructors

Prerequisites: ECC and Unit 1 training in cello and/or violin
SAA active membership required

Hours: 15 hours of classroom time and 8 hours of observations

Course Description:
Come polish your group class skills! Those enrolled will have the opportunity to observe various group classes in action, plus experience groups from the students’ perspective. TWPs will also have hands-on guidance presenting group activities to both student and TWP classes with concrete feedback from the Trainer. This unique format enables course participants to benefit learning from the experience of two Teacher Trainers in a cross-instrument setting. Topics to be discussed include, but not limited to:

• Philosophy of Group Class: its purpose, benefits and function
• What makes an effective group class?
• Creating structure: flow and pacing of a group class
• How to develop a group class over the course of a semester, with short and long term goals
• What skills are needed as a group class teacher?
• Introvert or Extravert? Balancing one’s personality style in relation to effective group teaching
• Ideas to fill your “Group Class Toolbox of Activities”
• Tips on classroom management

Selling the Sizzle: use of Suzuki core repertoire and supplemental work

Additional information about SAA membership and entrance requirements for Teacher Training units is available at the Suzuki Association of the Americas website: suzukiassociation.org.

Supplementary Unit for FSI 2017

Guitar Teacher Training Overview of Units 1-3

Course Description
Guitar teacher training supplementary course will cover the teaching points of Units 1-3, while following the skill progression and development process through the materials. Participants will have opportunities to address individual teaching concerns and areas of interest in Units 1-3. The course content will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of participants, while reinforcing and deepening their understanding of these core materials.

A registration fee of $100 is due by March 15 to ensure adequate enrollment.

Prerequisite: Guitar Teacher Training for Units  1-3

Instructor Bio

Carey Beth Hockett is a member of the Suzuki faculty of the Colburn School in Los Angeles and the Director of Corkybird Enterprizes, which provides creative resources for music education. She has been actively involved in Suzuki cello in both America and Europe for over 40 years and is recognized as a Teacher Trainer by both the SAA and the ESA. Carey taught at the Ithaca Talent Education School from 1975 to 1988 and with the London Suzuki Group from 1988 to 2006. She is well known for her creative work with groups of all sizes and has designed a new course for teachers called Group Class Techniques. Her compositions include Amusements for String Quartet, a collection of short pieces designed to train basic ensemble-playing skills, and Diversions for Cello Ensemble, a series of pieces that include elements of body percussion and cello drumming along with normal playing. 

Instructor Bio

Christie Felsing received her Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying violin with Vartan Manoogian and pedagogy with Marvin Rabin.  After a year of graduate studies at Boston University, including long-term Suzuki teacher training, she pursued a nine-month Suzuki internship with Doris Preucil at the Preucil School of Music.  This experience led her to complete a Master of Music degree in Suzuki pedagogy at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville with John Kendall. Christie is also a graduate of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts’ administrative training program, AMICI.  From 1996-2014, she was on the violin faculty of the Preucil School of Music (Iowa), where she served as Assistant Director.  During that time, she was presented the 2013 Leopold LaFosse Studio Teacher of the Year award by the Iowa String Teachers Association. Her service to the Suzuki Association of the Americas has included being a member of its Board of Directors (2004-2009), SAA Conference Coordinator (2010), Teacher Development Advisory Committee, and past SAA staff member. Christie is a registered SAA Violin Teacher Trainer, teaches in the Hartt Suzuki Program, and leads long-term Suzuki pedagogy courses at the University of Hartford.

Instructor Bio

Andrea Cannon is an alumna Boston’s Berklee College of Music with a major in Jazz Performance as well as an Outstanding Alumni Service award. Post-Collegiate studies include extensive Applied Performance in Classical Guitar with Robert Guthrie of Southern Methodist University and Suzuki Method pedagogy courses in both guitar and Early Childhood Education. Andrea’s Guitar Arts Studio in Houston, Texas includes training in Theory and Performance skills for guitarists as well as the first Suzuki Early Childhood Music program established in the US. She serves as a consultant to the Spring School District Music Department and directs Applied Guitar studies at Lone Star College. She is Certified through Music Teacher’s National Association and is a Registered Teacher Trainer with the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Andrea is humbled and proud that arts advocacy group ‘Alarte’ of Guatemala City, Guatemala has created a Scholarship in her name. The first recipient of the ‘Beca Andrea Cannon’ is enjoying the benefits of a new guitar as well as expert Suzuki instruction; and she also has a beautiful smile.